Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials allow us to offer the newest and most advanced surgical techniques. All of our trials have rigorous oversight from the LSU Institutional Review Board.

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Breast Reconstruction with flaps and implants

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women, and only 30% are ever offered reconstruction. Our team of plastic surgeons offers reconstruction to all breast cancer victims, regardless of their ability to pay. We have been leaders in breast reconstruction in DIEP flap breast reconstruction since the 1990s.  More recently, we have developed even more breast reconstruction techniques including PAP flaps and stacked flaps.  As our team has grown, we have gained expertise in the newest implant-based reconstruction techniques. Surgeons from all over the country come to learn from our team.

 tissue Engineering to prevent amputation

 If you or a loved one is faced with amputation, we may be able to help. In 2015, LSU Plastic Surgery invented a breakthrough tissue engineering surgical technique to prevent leg and arm amputations after major trauma such as car accidents and gunshot wounds. Following this achievement, we won a grant to conduct a gold standard clinical trial to prove our technique.

Our team is currently the only one in the world to offer this technique. We have saved limbs in children as young as 3 years old and adults up to 85 years old with this technique. We are currently completing a multi-year clinical trial of this technique and have partnered with Walter Reed U.S. Army Hospital to extend our technique to injured war fighters and veterans. Our work was recently featured on WGNO

 Hidradenitis of the armpits.

Hidradenitis of the armpits.

The Pathogenesis of Hidradenitis

LSU Plastic Surgery is a leading referral center for patients suffering from hidradenitis. Hidradenitis is a chronic, debilitating skin infection that affects thousands of Louisianians, mostly women. The cause is unknown. We aim to 1) discover the bacteria that cause this disease  2) develop safer and faster techniques to surgically treat the disease, and 3) identify the optimal method(s) for healing  post-treatment wounds. We have presented our techniques at national meetings, and have been finalists in regional and national research competitions.


Mepitel Ag as a Novel Dressing for Acute Wounds and Skin Graft Securement

LSU Plastic Surgery offers best-in-class care for patients with acute and chronic wounds. Because these wounds are painful, we are trialing a new antimicrobial dressing that requires minimal dressing changes and is minimally painful. If you have a chronic wound and would like more information, contact US.